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I just watered this hat for Kelly LeBrock.


Jon Stewart : “So who was the best smelling actor you ever worked with?”

Tom Hanks: “Kevin Bacon.”


Three other NFL football players have decided to come out..but they’re not all tight ends.


The Toyota company is recalled 1,000 ,000 Hybrids due to an on board commuter that doesn’t like Obamacare.


Rand Paul is seeking maximum attention right now and will wear a suit that light up with neon lettering  reading “Look at Me!”


Pat Robertson doesn’t like the CREATIONIST museum… he says its historically incorrect because “Saint Peter never had the talking Pterodactyl that said:”Polly wants Loaves and Fishes! “and “Judas Sucks.”

The rivers in North Carolina are so contaminated they’re using fish as light bulbs.


Roger Ailes has agreed to take Mygen Kelly and the Fox Blondes to Vegas for a live show called “Almost Nudes at Eleven”