Recently Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying the Bible is her favorite book. To many thinking people this might seem a moment for the reality police to arrest Mrs. C for public pandering.

We all know how important it is to be an “over the top Christian” right now.

There are incidents of the increasing hysteria all over the media, in Washington politics and States controlled by insane fake religious freak governors who may be faking it or not…but needing that core end of times freaky voting block.

Religious freaks making legislation so they can stick medical instruments up women’s private parts in the name of Biblical quotes that don’t exist.

Religious freaks that want to protect life until it “is” life and then not help the life once it “is” life by providing government health care, education and adequate nutrition to keep that life alive and well!

Yes this is “the theater of the absurd” of the 21st CENTURY.

The Right-Wing and the Christian extremist own this title…


The rest of us have a front row seat to watch it unfold.

“The Jesus as a warrior” cult is here to stay. It is in the armed militias, it is in the armed churches and it is in the US Military.

Don’t get it wrong however, this is only a small virulent dedicated branch of a religion, but then again, so is the crazy murderous ISIS in Iraq and they’re lopping off heads and massacring their own people indiscriminately right now.

Things are unfolding in Washington at an increased rate where at a Congressional hearing recently, the representative of the Lunatic Fringe branch of Right Wing Christian Insanity inane Louie Gohmert, was somehow allowed to quote a Biblical passage. He asked a witness who just happened to be a centrist pastor if he believes “JESUS is Lord and Savior.” This unconstitutional ignorant harassing crap went unchallenged by any Democrat on this said committee meaning that like Hillary, all current politicians are scared shitless of being called “anti religious” or Atheist or gay, or vegetarian.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal making a red meat speech to a Christian convention recently predicted a “Christian revolution” to take over Washington. He painted Liberals as non-believers and dangerous to the ways of moral Christianity.

This speech (if read in context) should be getting little weirdo Bobby thrown into a dank cell with no chance of a fair trial for 10 years. As we know this is the usual American punishment for somebody who like Bobby fits the description of a Muslim terrorist but is actually a right-wing Christian terrorist.

 THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD…we are definitely in it.

“Holy Take-Over Batman!”

This is a fact and its getting weirder and more dangerous every day…This sounds like a movie idea doesn’t it?

Maybe it is!

How about this as a scenario for an action movie?


Tim Burlington is a young cadet. He is accepted into the Air Force and arrives full of patriotic pride in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In flashback scenes we see his father is an Air Force vet who served honorably flying transports in and out of Vietnam.

He hooks up with Allan Miller a Jewish cadet whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors and whose loving and protective parents were against him being in the military.

“Allan we wanted you should be a lawyer or at least a dentist, but all that flying and jetting around its gonna be very noisy!”

The two cadets become close buds immediately and almost as soon as they settle in they are confronted by about half a dozen squeaky clean cadets with a kind of blank staring look, like an older version of “Children of the Corn”.

“We’re here to ask you to take Jesus as your personal savior”

“If you want to make it in this man’s Air Force you’d be wise to think about this.”

Tim wants to tell them to fuck off and Allan sort of laughs and tells them Jewish people don’t have to do that because Jesus wasn’t into elitism and personal ego trips.

These very white guys and gals can’t see any humor in this. In fact they seem almost devoid of any depth of character.

As the process of their training gets underway, the two new recruits become acutely aware of the fact that there are any number of these blank staring religious fanatics in the ranks and even more disturbingly, in the officer’s ranks as well.

At mess, they’re asked to join hands in a prayer thanking the Lord Jesus for scrambled eggs. They stifle their laughter not wanting to disturb the atmosphere but at the same time this unexpected intrusion is creeping them out and this is only the first week there.

In a series of ever increasingly ominous encounters they realize they may be the only cadets in their wing that are not seemingly mindless robotic religious airmen and air-women figures.

One night there is a mandatory screening of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” during the screening Allan’s sensibilities are on edge. He gets up and leaves. Tim goes with him.

As they leave the other recruits accuse them of being “Christ Haters” and threaten them.

Later that night Allan is attacked by several men and women dressed in long white robes and big bad Tim rescues him from what might have been a fatal blow by smashing one of the robed figures with a rifle butt.

The next day at mess it’s easy to see the havoc that Tim caused amongst the Children of the Corn.

Lt. Gen. Mark Hendry the commander of the academy orders Tim and Allan to report to his office.

They can lay this shit on him.

To their amazement even he seems to be in this conspiracy.

“It would be better for the both of you to understand what’s going on in this great nation of ours, so you can conform with the new direction we’re planning to take this country.”

The two cadets remain silent as this is their superior officer and their careers are apparently on the line.

Hendry rants on: “These part-time Christians and damned Atheists are ripping the moral fiber of our Christian society apart and we, as the faithful, are not going to stand for it!

The guys are aghast!

“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I plan to take back this country and I will create a new World order in the name of God Almighty!”

The recruits using every bit of their joint will power to tell Hendry they totally understand his wild-eyed arbitrary command for them to join the Christian military and fight for a return to moral values.

As the depth of Hendry’s lunacy starts to dawn on Tim and Allan they have to find out how far it’s gone, how far up it goes and what they can do to stop it. Can one crazy lunatic actually start a World War in the name of religion…again?

Just then there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

A female cadet, Sandy Crowley sends them a note wanting to meet secretly.

There are eyes everywhere even though the guys are now telling the fanatics that they’re on board. The three meet in an aircraft maintenance room late at night.

Sandy says she is like them. She’s as frightened as they are.

But is she a mole? Is she someone sent to find out if they’ve really turned? They’re not sure until she tells them the following facts.

“Some units of the United States Air Force are now being infiltrated by the Fundamentalist Dominionist Christians and they hold very violent and extreme views.

They are very well organized and powerful but not so strong that they could take over just yet.

But Hendry is impatient and he doesn’t want to wait. He’s planning to fly a stealth bomber to Russia and Peking and nuke the crap out of them starting a World War that will bring forth the second coming of Christ.

In his mind, in the total confusion that will follow, God will make him the leader of a Universal Christian government that will solve all the World’s problems. In his insanity he believes that through a World War, he will be solely responsible for paving the way for the return of Jesus.

Unfortunately while counting on the Lord, Hendry forgot about Tim, Allan and Sandy, who in a series of exciting action scenes burst out of the academy and make their way to a place where they can warn the still loyal military of the United States of the clear and present danger at hand.

Hendry meanwhile plans his flight of destiny.

Special Forces capture him as he kneels in front of his nuclear-armed Stealth Bomber for his final prayer.


The loyalist US government troops fight a spectacular pitch battle with Hendry’s fanatical followers and capture and intern them.

Government leaders talk to the captured Dominionists, telling them that no longer will any particular religious philosophy be touted over another, and that the constitutional guarantee of the separation of church and state will be strictly adhered to from here on out.

The President is briefed on the progress of these talks and he’s told the progress is good.

The President decorates Tim, Allan and Sandy.

Sandy quits the Air Force and goes into politics

In the last scene however we see the unrepentant Dominionist POW’s convincing some of the more receptive guards that if they allow them to escape, Jesus will anoint them when the rapture comes and He will bring them with Him to the kingdom of heaven.

There is one guard standing away from the crowd who looks directly into the camera and says: “Bullshit!”

The closing music strikes up a rousing rendition of “Onward Christian Soldiers” done as a rap anthem.

As REPUBLICAN websites across the country quickly delete any reference to their criticism of “weak Muslim loving” Obama’s lack of will power in rescuing the only American POW in Afghanistan, the mega-mountain of hypocritical extremist crap talk grows into a stinking pile of disgusting political human waste!

Here comes the screaming hordes of ill informed, shooting from their asses, crazed media and political freaks demanding that the President should be impeached for saving an American Soldier from the enemy!


“Certain American politicians are today starting to demand   impeaching their President for doing his sworn duty as President to rescue and bring home any American military personal left behind.

This is the creed of the military what so ever the circumstances of said military personnel.

These American traitors (and that’s what they) are currently and deliberately undermining their President’s authority, and this while he is in Europe dealing with the dangerous and delicate task of shoring up this countries alliances with its NATO allies.

This is unbelievable, but apparently happening without a thought about the ramifications.

Obama is working to secure a peace through our military strength while at the same time facing withering false criticism from a war criminal like Dick Cheney, who was responsible for losing a war, killing hundreds of thousands of men women and children and almost destroying the American economy. Unbelievable but happening!!

If we’re going to have rational discussions about this POW swap in a rational way we should not ever go to FOX NEWS, or now even CNN.

We also can’t wait to see what sh*t David Gregory will shovel up from his deep slime pit of bias.

Watching MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night, who does get a little shrill and righteous sometimes, was a wake up call.

She played clip after clip back to back of the horrible personal insults being piled onto this missing kid soldier and his loving family all from Fox News.

When the camera came back on her she just sat there in unbelieving silence for a few seconds….

That silence was very powerful.

Has the REPUBLICAN party sank this low that they can condemn and prosecute both a returning POW who has been under major duress for 5 years and his savior their PRESIDENT without a second of second thought. It seems they are gleefully glomming onto what they think is a way to depose and humiliate their dreaded smart black guy President even as he tries to save their asses over in Europe and with 30% more emission controls at home….

…and as he saves the ass of one mixed up kid from Idaho and returns him to his loving and trusting family, hopefully not to be lynched by a hysterical crowd of open carriers.

This cruel and unfair rush to judgment, as any rush to judgment, might turn out to make the rushers as foolish as when Karl Rove thought that Romney had Ohio in the bag and Ann Romney was picking out the drapes for the Oval office.

Beware of the truth you shameful despicable reactionary weasels, it might come back and make you have to climb back into the clown car and drive away feeling constipated with a major build up of bigotry.

This show isn’t over ‘till it’s over and the President knows more about the big flat screen picture while the whiners are still watching it on a black and white 10” from the 50’s,

Which …either way… featured a black guy rescuing a white guy.

I’m hoping to sell this idea for an animated show to CNN or Fox News, who desperately need something to boost their sagging demographics.

The plot line revolves around 2 main figures…A cartoon rendition of retired General William Boykin and a cartoon rendition of Jesus as a stand-up comic.

The main thrust of the idea is that each show will have an animated “General Boing Boing”, as he’ll be known, who will appear hilariously loaded down with medals and tottering under the weight of his right wing bigotry, making subversive, anti-government, fascist statements and featuring Jesus as a stand-up comic who gives it back to him like an avenging Don Rickles.

Here are a few examples of the General’s actual quotes some while still on active duty. Did we dodge a bullet or what?


General: “The Jews are the cause of the problems in the World,”

Jesus: “The last time I saw a face like that it had a hook in it!”


General Boing Boing: “Muslims worship an idol, not a real God.”

Jesus: “If your brain was chocolate it would be an M&M”


General Boing Boing: “George W. Bush was appointed by God”

Jesus: “ I was thinking about you all day. I was at the fertilizer factory!”


General Boing Boing: “The first thing that has to be done is to form a constabulary force that can control the population.”

Jesus: “ I’ve seen people like you before but I had to pay Admission!”


General Boing Boing: “They’re after us because we’re a Christian Nation”

Jesus: “I’d like to help you out. Which way did you come in?”


General Boing Boing:  “I believe the sword Jesus will be carrying will be an AR-15.”

Jesus: “If this is the only thought that crossed your mind, it must’ve been a lonely journey!”


Kids will love that we plan to produce action figures of “General Boing Boing”, who’s tiny head will explode after every Jesus put down line.

Plus the “GBB & J Lunch Boxes” which will have only enough room for a loaf of rye bread and a fish.

We also plan a series of comedy books called “The Jesus False Profit Joke Books” Volumes 1 through 4.

In volume 2 when “Boing Boing” says this: “We are on the verge of a complete Marxist take over.”

Jesus comes back with:” Is that your real face or are you auditioning for Godzilla?”

Or when in volume 3 “Boing Boing” rants on with: “When the Lord comes back he’ll be a warrior in blood soaked robes carrying a sword.”

Jesus says: “Sorry I don’t have my moron filter on today!”



***Jesus remains the image of a wonderful and peaceful man from the New Testament that millions of people believe is the Son of God, and who may very well be.

He also may have had a sense of humor, which always helps when things get so damn serious that they want to crucify you.




My Dad served in the British army in World War II. He was a captain in the Royal Army Service Corps. His job was basically to feed two-thousand battle hardened German and Italian prisoners. He was caught in Rommel’s siege of Tobruk and had to pick up a rifle and shoot at the armed enemy while also feeding the unarmed enemy.

Quite a paradox don’t you think?

I also served two years in the Australian army albeit in peacetime as a drafted 18 year old. They taught a budding radical writer and artist how to kill and become a part of a unit of men who would fight for each other’s well being first and what ever political system put them there second.

It was tough for the drill sergeant to force a person like me into submitting to any kind of a blind faith situation. I fought it both strategically with words and in actual physical combat as I had to defend myself in fistfights where blood was shed and respect was gained through the drawing of it.

On Memorial Day this country remembers the contributions its military has made in protecting the freedom and the civil rights of all its citizens. The sacrifices and the dedication to this task lays in the faith the rank and file of our armed services have in their superiors from the non-commissioned officers all the way up to the top brass.

In the last few years in this country a regretful and bothering phenomenon has been injected into this chain of necessary military blind faith command which is still mostly under the main stream media radar and growing in its possible extremely dangerous consequences.

To put it succinctly with no bullshit folks an extreme Dominionist Christian movement is attempting to take over the American armed forces…

BIGTIME! “Yes” you might say “There goes Chris again, on another rant!”

“Yes” this is a rant. But it is not a conspiracy theory or a ploy to get to some funny one-liners…This is serious sh*t!

Especially in the Air Force, but in all the services, these crazy assed fanatical Jesus freaks and holy “end of times” rollers are not just the new cadets and recruits.

They are the freakin’ gunnery sergeants and the lieutenants and captains and all the way up the ranks officers who are telling them what to do. And what their officers are telling them is this folks:


If this sounds like science fiction its because it should be, but it’s not.

Check out this months Esquire magazine   and then go to the MRFF website and get a load of what’s happening that somebody way up high in government seems to not be taking too seriously, I think at the country’s peril.

I love you dad, thanks for saving my life and my sister’s life and my mum’s  life and thankfully coming home to tell the tale.

I’m a father of eight and grandfather of 7 and I approve of this message





Its all coming down in Ukraine .

Putin is flexing his muscles with his shirt on. Mister Macho is suffering from the dreaded George W. Bush “ Invading a Sovereign Country Syndrome” This works for a short time…then it f*cks up a country for decades.

The immediate fall out in this wonderfully together bipartisan country is for the traitorous GOP extremists to tell the World of the few people who listen to them that the President of their country is “ weak and wrong” in his respond. In saying this however they have no answers on how to respond to the newest egomaniacal dictator on the planet.

No solutions other than to “act tougher”…okay to “act tougher” what does America do?

John McCain might suggest strapping himself to a nuclear weapon and aiming himself at Moscow.

Ted Nugent might want to go over there and call Vladimir a “subhuman descendent of Slavic monkeys”. But he won’t go over there because he’s all talk and guns, but only has a tiny trouser snake.

John Boehner will ask the Congress and they will say “We need to repeal Obamacare and invade New York”.

To put it bluntly “Vlad the Bad” holds a full deck of cards and the rest of us will just have to grin and bare it and bluff our way to a diplomatic victory.

When facing down raw ego in control of a vast military itching for a fight to regain its past pride after a complete defeat  years ago we face a picture image of Berlin in the 1930’s.

The similarities are quite startling. A newly minted oppression against an innocent  minority, an Olympic Games, the act of claiming lands where there is a large ethnic minority that needs “protecting”, massive armed build ups on various borders, annexing of part of a free country under a thinly veiled excuse…Houston we have a problem ..and we’re gonna need more than Tom Hanks to solve it.


So the headlines read “NFL 35 – Homophobia 0.” Greed and big business wins over bigoted extremist Christian right bullsh*it. This is two extremist factions fighting to get out of each other’s pants,’

We’re of course talking about Arizona’s out of control REPUBLICAN racist legislative majority going down to defeat by a veto by its own out of control Governor the wicked witch of the South West Gov. Jan Brewer.

When she came up against the NFL, John McCain, The Chamber of Commerce and Meygn Kelly it was time to bail on her own bigots,…After all she thought “gays and no Mexicans.”

There are similar disgusting homophobic legislations pending in many other States.


This is indeed a divided nation. Obama’s election and reelection is “the good”…The jealousy and the obstructionism, by the GOP minority is “the bad”..and the fact that  Obama is black and commandeer in chief has brought out the open racism  that was always broiling under the surface of this country …is “the ugly”.

Should we be amazed? No way…

I’m about as amazed as when I found out about Dick Cheney’s choice of Halliburton to supply the food for the US troops in Iraq..

I’m about amazed as when I realized that New Jersey’s governor was a bully and a crook. I ‘m about amazed as when Anderson Cooper told us he was gay.

We are living in two different countries and probably have been for a long time. We come together to celebrate the Olympics and the World Cup but apart from that there is such a wide gap between the so-called Christian white America and the rest of us its incredible…and now we can see it on the map very clearly.

America is fighting three wars at the same time internally right now .

#1 The old values of the North vs the South. This is being sustained by corporate America which would love to go back to the days of slave labor under a different banner…no regulations and no unions, A 1% aristocracy running the whole thing with no opposition.

#2 The Right Wing Christian doctrine of “exceptionalism” through a one dimension wrong-headed biblical philosophy that demands adherence to  completely out of date laws written by angry old Jews who could not get laid and didn’t have air conditioning or bagels.

#3 The war against minorities by the ignorant racist whites.

The good guys will eventually win all these wars as the babies being born are turning a lighter shade of brown.

We are however in for a bumpy ride folks as the insanity of Christianity ‘s lunatic fringe fights its way to its own demise and big business spends billions attempting to impose its will on free people and the way they want to live there lives.


They’ve just announced that the racist half governor Sarah Palin will be hosting a new television series on the Sportsman’s Channel which is seen by hundred of sportsmen who shoot defenseless animals and birds. Notice we said “hundreds” This is the perfect channel for a next Palin failure. She will be able to shoot herself in the foot and in the Demographics.

Highlights of her series will probably be shooting Liberals and Gays from light planes. She is still vastly popular with the people who think reading is sissy and gays should not get married because God is straight and Jesus likes girls.

Why anybody in their right mind would want to spend money trying to make a four time loser into a winner is beyond human understanding. The publicity generating around this series says it will be a ”celebration of America”.

As far as Palin is concerned it will be a celebration of just one more con job so she can make a buck. There’s a sucker born every day they say… Palin seems to find a never ending stream of stunned money people willing to throw cash down the sewer of right wing extremism.

Her new cable series will get the bigoted Red Neck demographic along with the high heel licking perverts and the Ted Nugent mouth drooling home owning rocket launcher crowd.

She shouldn’t count on anyone with can write words of more than two syllables and knows what a vegetable looks like. Luckily nobody will see this show due to  it being on “cable obscuro”

Sarah Palin is a complete waste of time so why am I writing this?

Watching the Olympics is great visually and spiritually.
Watching the Kiev riots and the carnage in Syria is appalling and dispiriting… And Vladimir Putin is deeply involved in both major events.
Putin is spending billions of rubles on making the Olympics a smashing success.
Putin is spending billions on attempting to make Russian Euro-Imperialism and Middle Eastern influence a smashing success.
The twin World implications of these two staged and choreographed actions may seem far apart but in some people’s minds are strangely familiar.
One party dominated societies tend to mirror one another in many ways.
In Germany in 1936 a one party system was in power and could do virtually what ever in wanted to maintain power and make itself popular with its people. This one party found a minority that it decided to make a scapegoat for all its problems and the ignorant people went along with it.
This one party ran the Olympic games that year and had to face hated minority athletes winning popular events. Its dictator attended the games and was adulated by the people. As the games were in progress this same leader was plotting the annexing of free countries by force of arm.
Sound familiar?






He’s been here all along right under our very eyes and he’s fooled us with his jolly look and how he professes peace and love for his fellow-man and woman and a few children in private schools.


Oh how we’ve been fooled by the “AntiChristie!”


We should’ve known his evilness was here… face it folks he’s been hiding out in full view!


And there’s no better place for the “AC” to scheme so he can become all-powerful …invincible… and so strong he can take advantage of the masses… than Newark!


He didn’t want to be revealed this early in his evil ideas to rule the Universe however..this was not in that plan.


“The AC” had it all worked out for 2016…but his secret blueprint HAS BEEN THWARTED!


“The AntiChristie’s” premature reveal came when some local NJ reporters (sent from the “Gods of Real Journalism”) and “Rachel (The Gay Angel of Truthfulness) Maddow!”outed his plan to dominate America and the World by imposing the “3 B’s on his cowering subservient subjects”


“Bullying, Bribery and Bullshit…..”


Then came a miraculous “Bridge over troubled waters” moment.


Suddenly he was naked and exposed on TELEVISION TO THE MULTITUDES…..lying…cheating …scheming…cruelly throwing his friends to the wolves…all the sh*t he loves to do but too early…much too early


A warning…”Never underestimate evil it’s so slippery! Knock it down in one place and it’ll spring up in another…


“The AntiChristie”however is now a very large target on which to set the battle banners targets of  “The Good”vs Evil struggle.


“The AC” has thousands of evil allies like the nasty little Orange colored bastard John Boehner and Eric “The Shifty” Cantor, and a whole bunch of BAD ASS BANSHEES on the Supreme Court , so vigilance is essential in the ranks of “The Good.”


“The AC” was so arrogant and egotistical he miscalculated the fact that in the long run good always conquers evil. This hasn’t happened in the Palin family yet but it will.


This age-old factoid had slipped his one-dimensional mind when he got literally too big for his britches and was beginning to believe the crap they were writing about him on Fox News. After all he had given Roger Ailes a tail, a forked tongue and a way to make female interns worship his tiny penis. 


The next few months will tell us all just how this country will deal with “The AntiChristie” now he’s amongst us.


“The Good” is girding its loins for the battle with “The AC” or as he is known on earth : “THE GIRTH FATHER” which is a really evil play on words…