Its all coming down in Ukraine .

Putin is flexing his muscles with his shirt on. Mister Macho is suffering from the dreaded George W. Bush “ Invading a Sovereign Country Syndrome” This works for a short time…then it f*cks up a country for decades.

The immediate fall out in this wonderfully together bipartisan country is for the traitorous GOP extremists to tell the World of the few people who listen to them that the President of their country is “ weak and wrong” in his respond. In saying this however they have no answers on how to respond to the newest egomaniacal dictator on the planet.

No solutions other than to “act tougher”…okay to “act tougher” what does America do?

John McCain might suggest strapping himself to a nuclear weapon and aiming himself at Moscow.

Ted Nugent might want to go over there and call Vladimir a “subhuman descendent of Slavic monkeys”. But he won’t go over there because he’s all talk and guns, but only has a tiny trouser snake.

John Boehner will ask the Congress and they will say “We need to repeal Obamacare and invade New York”.

To put it bluntly “Vlad the Bad” holds a full deck of cards and the rest of us will just have to grin and bare it and bluff our way to a diplomatic victory.

When facing down raw ego in control of a vast military itching for a fight to regain its past pride after a complete defeat  years ago we face a picture image of Berlin in the 1930’s.

The similarities are quite startling. A newly minted oppression against an innocent  minority, an Olympic Games, the act of claiming lands where there is a large ethnic minority that needs “protecting”, massive armed build ups on various borders, annexing of part of a free country under a thinly veiled excuse…Houston we have a problem ..and we’re gonna need more than Tom Hanks to solve it.

Watching the Olympics is great visually and spiritually.
Watching the Kiev riots and the carnage in Syria is appalling and dispiriting… And Vladimir Putin is deeply involved in both major events.
Putin is spending billions of rubles on making the Olympics a smashing success.
Putin is spending billions on attempting to make Russian Euro-Imperialism and Middle Eastern influence a smashing success.
The twin World implications of these two staged and choreographed actions may seem far apart but in some people’s minds are strangely familiar.
One party dominated societies tend to mirror one another in many ways.
In Germany in 1936 a one party system was in power and could do virtually what ever in wanted to maintain power and make itself popular with its people. This one party found a minority that it decided to make a scapegoat for all its problems and the ignorant people went along with it.
This one party ran the Olympic games that year and had to face hated minority athletes winning popular events. Its dictator attended the games and was adulated by the people. As the games were in progress this same leader was plotting the annexing of free countries by force of arm.
Sound familiar?

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Watching the BEATLES reunion special reminds us all that all that great music was written by people smoking a Sherwood Forrest of pot. Not only John, Paul, George and Ringo…but everybody else in Rock n’ Roll.

This might also be true of other great creative talents ..surely Bill Shakespeare probably had a pipe load before he wrote Midsummer Night’s Dream…Bill’s Bottom and the players were definitely stoners and Puck? give me a break he was an acid trip.

Oscar Wilde and Gilbert and Sullivan indulged of course… even in Victorian England the straight laced were not that straight.

Want to go back a century need one say more than Mozart? If Mozart’s riffs were not created while “bong imbibing” then I’m a plate of Haggis.

Hillary Clinton denied she smoked weed this week but said she’d get a contact high from Bill…she also said she liked to watch …she didn’t say what but with Bill it could’ve been almost anything thing warm and in a dress.

Tommy Chong told the press recently that he was cancer free and he did it by drinking massive does of hash oil. You can buy it by the bottle at “Ali Kahn’s New Delicatessen  in New Delhi of course…One swig and it’s Bombay’s away!!

Phillip Morris announced that they will begin to sell across the counter packets of Mary by next year…”Yes officer I’m the designated non toker!”

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I just watered this hat for Kelly LeBrock.


Jon Stewart : “So who was the best smelling actor you ever worked with?”

Tom Hanks: “Kevin Bacon.”


Three other NFL football players have decided to come out..but they’re not all tight ends.


The Toyota company is recalled 1,000 ,000 Hybrids due to an on board commuter that doesn’t like Obamacare.


Rand Paul is seeking maximum attention right now and will wear a suit that light up with neon lettering  reading “Look at Me!”


Pat Robertson doesn’t like the CREATIONIST museum… he says its historically incorrect because “Saint Peter never had the talking Pterodactyl that said:”Polly wants Loaves and Fishes! “and “Judas Sucks.”

The rivers in North Carolina are so contaminated they’re using fish as light bulbs.


Roger Ailes has agreed to take Mygen Kelly and the Fox Blondes to Vegas for a live show called “Almost Nudes at Eleven”