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Today’s headline news that the President will work on the “strongest possible rules to protect NET NEUTRAILITY” is great.

In keeping with this news I am currently a member of the ‘prestigious’ PRODUCERS WRITERS AND DIRECTORS CAUCUS. Steering Committee.

I was invited by a close business associate of mine to be a member and he gifted me my initial membership. Nice man and a liberal thinker. I suppose he thought I’d add some humor to the usually dry and snore making proceedings.

This happened a couple of years ago and since then I’ve attended various events where tributes were made to industry and political leaders, plagues were given out and photos were taken of people in suits. Also events were held where young filmmakers were presented with awards and funding monies from the Caucus to allow them to finish their various worthwhile projects.

I loved it and appreciated the whole idea as a really worthwhile endeavor. The Caucus was giving back to the newer members of the film and television industry. “What a swell party this is “ I thought. Making this even better was the fact that I was re introduced to some of my friends, ex partners , co producers, writers and directors. It was a great way to continue a historic journey I started over 40 years ago,

I was not paying much attention however to an underlying problem with this Caucus. This was entirely my fault as I had mistakenly thought that we were all for one and one for all in protecting the creative community from the slings and arrows of outrageous right wing politics.

Stupid naïve me!

This was unfortunately not the case and it became crystal clear to me at the last steering committee lunch held at the old folks home known as the Bel Aire Country Club where I was once asked politely to tuck my shirt into my pants by an old family retainer I was obviously offending two dowagers and a millionaire on oxygen who saw me in the lobby.

Once again I had been remiss in not following too closely the Caucus’ executive committee’s machinations, which were usually a pretty dull affair.

I had no idea there was a political committee of the Caucus that dealt with Washington on various matters. I also had no idea that Lionel Chetwyn , a verbose over the top right wing producer was the chair this political committee

Once again my bad for not paying attention, but then again I’m just a happy go lucky fool wandering through life hoping everything is okay while trying to sell creative shit to studios owned by corporations who don’t like paying professional writers and love the crap out of ideas like the Duck and Kim Dynasties.

But back to “Loud Lionel” and what he’s been up to on behalf of the PRODUCER’S, WRITERS AND DIRECTORS CAUCUS.

Captain Blowhard and his dedicated few have fundamentally taken over the direction of the Caucus by maneuvering the executive committee and the body of the membership into appearing to agree with and to sanction policies totally contrary to the philosophy and meaning of what the Caucus should basically stand for.

Without the permission of main body of the membership and with some trickery to the rules of the CAUCUS voting system “LL” and his friends railroaded through a letter to the FCC  virtually stating that the CAUCUS was in favor of Congress taking control of the Internet.

LL went even further than that and made statements again without consulting the full CAUCUS MEMBERSHIP to the media trumpeting the fact the Caucus was in favor of Congress running things.

Yes folks. The 10 % in popularity “do nothing” progressive hating extremist Congress?

LL of course worships at the shrine of Ted Cruz but as destructive as Ted Cruz nearly was to government “Loud Lionel” might be to the future direction of this Caucus because many of its creative members are now angry, appalled, embarrassed, and feeling helpless in the face of his scene stealing and his seeming control over some of the executive committee that initially refused the request of members of the steering committee to take down the offensive and politically motivated letter and set a meeting to discuss this matter and vote to remove and rescind it.

My fellow Caucus member, friend and business associate and I have spent quality time defusing the Caucus anger.

He has the same feelings as I do about rescuing the Caucus from the politics it should have nothing to do with.

A solution is at hand hopefully where rhetoric and threatening cross talk from both sides will be defused.

This story of course is just a microcosm of what is happening to this country when fairness and justice get in the way of a political agenda and the smart Visigoths like the Lionel Chetwyn’s of the World find ways with propaganda and slick words to  cheat their way to victory.

I hope we can stop the dissension in our Caucus, as it is a truly worthwhile organization. However if Lionel Chetwyn went away to become Ted Cruz’ speech writer nobody would be that upset. He is a disruptive and destructive figure in an otherwise valuable asset to our business.

We don’t expect Lionel to relinquish his grip on mouthing off his Corpo-Fascist BS so we can expect many more temper tantrums on the way to his hopeful ultimate demise.