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As we hear more and more about The Texas Ebola crisis the more it becomes clear that the TEXAS hospital system is full of complete raving incompetent idiots.

What would you do if you were in the ER of a hospital as a lay person ,who at least had an inkling of the World epidemic known as Ebola, and a guy came in from Liberia and said he was sick?

The least you would do would be to worry about what the hospital was going to do with him right? THE GUY JUST CAME FROM AFRICA.!!!

The unbelievable fools in the Texas ER rat hole sent this guy home to an apartment with his girlfriend and five kids!


We are indeed living in a country right now where some States seem to have totally lost all sense of responsibility and reason.

TEXAS is sinking to the level of the intelligence of it’s GOVERNOR , it’s Lieutenant Governor and Chuck Norris.

As of the writing of this blog it appears from listening to the media medical people that nobody seem to know how to deal with this problem. It has been so mishandled because ignorant medically inefficient morons might have allowed EBOLA to effect hundreds of people.

Where is the massive state mobilization?

Where is Rick Perry…oh yes… he’s speaking to God and blaming Obama…

The problem here might be with Rick in charge of anything it might make it even worse.

The further mind numbing down of the already DUMB parts of America was bound to become lethal sooner or later but who would’ve thought it would get there this quickly and without the likes of Cleven Bundy, Phil Robinson and the open carry crowd that can shoot you dead but can’t spell?.

The crisis in this country concerns the RIGHT WING’S desire to make education a one way detour to their propaganda highway.

The off ramp to stupidity for the subservient masses who must never question the authority of the corporate gods or the evangelists version of the CHRISTIAN GOD both of whom are as bogus as Rick Perry’s glasses and the “charity” of the Brothers.

When 30,000 Walrus’ can’t find any ice  on which to breed we should start  looking at ourselves and checking our IQ.