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Lest we forget who was running the country on this terrible day of remembrance

It was an unintelligent incompetent disengaged rich man’s idiot son who was fraudulently elected President and who then started a fraudulent war with the wrong country. His Vice President’s company was then given unfair unopposed government contracts to supply American troops with food and other services making obscene profits after 10 years of war.

Neither that President or his Vice President can leave their own country safely any more as the International Court at the Hague wants to arrest them as war criminals for causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

The country is still attempting to recover from this completely horrifying situation both mentally physically and fiscally.

Members of the same party that brought us 911 and its horrific aftermath, which continues, to this very day have hampered that recovery.

Today is a day after the current President, who abhors violence and war, has been forced to become part of more violence and war brought on by the administration from hell lead by corporate crooks liars and championed by an entire imitation news network owned by an Australian and a Saudi Prince.

This is not bulsh*t folks these are the facts!

George W Bush and Dick Cheney were in charge of the country when the country was attacked. They remained in charge of the country until they so f*cked it up that the country actually decided to elect a smart and very cool DEMOCRAT to try to fix those 10 years of utter destruction under a REPUBLICAN regime.

Now it appears that Americans have not learned the lesson of the Bush Cheney Obscenity as polls show that the party that so screwed them up is going to get back control of both Houses of Government.

Will we be facing the further obscenity of nasty vindictive racist Mitch McConnell and useless John Bohner running this country?

These are men who are threatening another government shut down and the destruction of Social Security and Medicare…and who knows what other stuff they’ve got to keep the Koch Brothers happy.

I don’t know about you but I just don’t get it unless they’re putting cool aid in the water systems.



I am a member of the Producers, Writers and Directors Caucus a prestigious organization that reveres creativity and assists many young film makers in completing their freshman projects. It has been a pleasure to be involved in helping to give back to the industry that I have worked in for 40 plus years.

Yesterday the pleasure turned to displeasure and in a big way. It has to do with the coming FCC vote on Net Neutrality.

It has to do with a small but well organized group of right wing assholes within the steering committee duping the rest of the membership with a series of highly suspect manipulations and deceits and causing a couched and corporate friendly letter to be written to the FCC on behalf of the Caucus. It was rammed through without sufficient debate amongst the majority of the Caucus members. The press has got a hold of it and now appears to be the official philosophy the Caucus.

It is both anti creative and pro business in its intent. This is totally the wrong message that the majority of us members want the Caucus to be known for.

At the Caucus lunch yesterday many of the membership revolted and asked for the FCC letter to be rescinded and a new and more neutral pro creative friendly position taken. This was met with overkill right wing gobbledygook and disdain, anger and snarling disregard for any point of view other than their narrow framed doctrinaire bullshit. Their arrogant words and their attitude were a microcosm of what is happening in this whole country.

Quite frankly I was sickened by the whole experience as we were witnessing our own weakness for failing to be on top of this serious assault on the free Internet. We allowed these dedicated smart and ruthless Visigoths to come in and take over our best intentions regarding the creative community and turn us into a snarling pack of divisive rabid dogs attacking each other.

If you have to “defend creativity” in a place that is supposed to “defend creativity” then something is radically wrong, wrong wrong !

We need to pay more attention before its too late

Power is with the people who “get smart” so help us Don Adams and Mel Brooks.

Don’t know about you guys but there’s something not quite right about this sudden rise to power of ISIS. Where the hell did they come from?

A well organized small group of very dedicated religious fanatics.


ISIS is a splinter group but they have strange pajama like uniforms and now they’re totally equipped with US weapons!!…Hardy seems possible.

Did we train the Iraq army so well with so much money that at the first sign of trouble they just dropped their weapons and ran away? Again we didn’t see this coming?

All that training,,all those weapons and then abject cowardice and instant defeat…weird…strange…And so unexpected.

ISIS is a gang of killer fanatics with some kind of ridiculous credo that an imaginary MALE barbarian God made up for them. This includes beheadings, rape of young girls and slavery all good in the eyes of this fake MALE Muslim God. They’re like a teenage gang running amok in a civilized society. Who leads them? Where are their generals and political spokespeople?

Guys in hoods who are hoods!!

But wait a minute we in the West were becoming complacent as Obama wound down our involvement in the Bush era wars. We didn’t have anyone to hate so we didn’t need all those weapons and aircraft and stuff so much right?

What would get us off our duffs?

It would have to be something really horrendous or we’d just want to watch another episode of Kim’s ass quivering with the desire to shop

How’s about HD versions of innocent Americans being beheaded?..

That ought to force Obama back into a war footing!

Just saying!!