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It seems possible the GOP might revisit Mitt Romney as their Presidential candidate again and this means the GOP is even more bonkers than we thought! America would be mad to vote for this weak opportunistic rich guy who changes his policies in mid sentence if  it means appeasing any number of social or political groups.


His wife Queen Ann thinks grocery shopping is when Mitt is looking to buy shares in Albert son’s. Her Majesty is either breeding Arabian horses or many military avoiding sons.

The Tea Party  however is asking for somebody more to their liking they like Ted Cruz  Joel Osteen , Ted Nugent or Cliven Bundy.

It was clear last time that Mitt is a pathological liar almost equal to Putin but without incompetent missile operators.

Mitt is a glove puppet for corporate America. The ideal candidate for the REPUBLICAN dream of owning all of America and invading and occupying CALIFORNIA. Big business wants to play Monopoly with the World but they need nuclear weapons in the hands of a subservient suit. Mitt has SS written all over him.

The GOP roster of acceptable candidates is so weak there’s a rumor that Sarah Palin is contemplating a run they say she’s been up late with a map so she can remember all 51 states.

This country in the hands of  Mitt, Rand, Marco, Ted, Rick, is however moot as most of us know who ever gets elected the country is really in the hands of RUPERT MURDOCH.



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The writing is on the wall we may all be standing in front of it if the mid terms take down the Democratic Senate. If the country is complacent enough to allow a low turn voter out , the results will be catastrophic for our fragile and vulnerable DEMOCRACY.

It will signal a wiping out of all the slow gains being made in the five-year recovery of the nations economy.

The monies well spent by the Koch Brothers and their subsidiaries on the people they get elected will be paid off in legislating such draconian measures aimed at the middle class that there will be  a social and economical massacre.

There’s a recent article that more or less sums up the mood of the country at this particular time. It is ugly and it is revengeful and it revolves around “the haves”  being able, with all their money and power, to persuade the disgruntled and the scared white majority in this country that they need to gather themselves together and rid the country of what the propaganda machine  calls the “anti Americans.”

Who are these anti Americans? It’s everybody that isn’t them. They are the born again Christians and in their eyes they are the rightful heirs to the leadership and ownership of their country.

You don’t have to look to far to see them, they ‘re entrenched in the armed forces with their hands on America’s weaponry. They are in the police forces across the country. We know they’re in Congress and the Senate and they own major businesses too.


They have been told this by their pastors and by their undying blind faith in the Bible.

The real elite however, known to the people not fooled by a bunch of hopeless bullshit, are The Koch Brothers and the rest of the business machinery called “corporate America.”  When the time comes they will rule the puppet Christian empire.


The “take over” gang doesn’t have that singularly most important cog that would turn America into their FASCIST AUTHORITARIAN DICATORSHIP…

They don’t have a Hitler. You need a Hitler to enthrall the masses and to have them follow you blindly over the cliff while being untouchable and invincipal.

The Russians have a imitation Hitler right now a “bare chest would be NAPLOEON” and they’re falling all over him.

Folks Putin is no Hitler. He can move tanks and missiles but he can’t move huge crowds

America (some say ) would be vulnerable to a star quality charismatic religious and political celebrity oriented figure right now. Somebody who would speak the jingoistic execptionalism flag waving JESUS crap and sound sincere and squeaky clean. Luckily there is no such animal at this time and to tell you how hard up the Right is…they’re actually thinking of Mitt Romney as their flag bearer again.

Charisma and Mitt never met.

The Koch Brothers we hear are holding coast-to-coast Fuhrer auditions.






In the city of Detroit, we’re seeing another version of the upcoming Fascist threat to America. We may have to get used to this if the American people are foolish enough to actually vote the Fascists into power.

This is not some crazy out there rhetoric, please!

This “one party” rule mentality has begun to grip certain States in the Union and not just in the South, where this week some police in Florida were revealed to be members of the KKK. (Some surprise we don’t think)

The Detroit story however is horrible and extremely hard to believe.

There is no DEMOCRACY currently in that city.

A single non-elected politician named Kevin is running the city’s utilities department. This single individual is in cahoots with big business and big business wants to privatize the city’s water supply.  Yep “privatize water!!”

So this single individual called Kevin, who has all this power, has been assigned to find a way to do this by making mischief.

We humans cannot exist without water and yet the Fascist regime in this major city has begun to turn off the water to the homes of thousands of the most vulnerable and poorest of it’s residents for not paying their water bills.

Firstly, international human rights are being violated here. In some cases no warnings were given to families who were not overdue. But these people just don’t have the money or the resources to fight this cruelty in the courts. They have no hope and no running water.

It’s a fact that babies are getting sick and the older people are suffering and its seems like  the local GOP Fascists want to see them just die off.

It is so desperate the United Nations is actually investigating this human tragedy and the Canadians are trucking massive amounts of clean drinking water across the border. How shameful is this for America?

We are witnessing the depth of the heartless corporate way of dealing with our health, our social standing and our dignity. Starting at the bottom by setting out to destroy the will of the people to fight back…but these corpo-crooks will not stop at the weak and helpless….oh no…they will find ways to cut off the supply of Democracy to all of us…the way they’re trying to cut off the water in Detroit.


They don’t want dissension they want subservience.

They are the royalists from the 16th Century. Their idea of a successful society is they rule from gated communities in Bel Aire and we work for them and live in squalor in Cleveland.

They are the great brain washers and they want to own the water so they can wash away our way of life because they know we cannot live without it.

So forget about the war on religion, the war on women, the war on gay marriage, the war on intellect, the war on science, the war on immigration, the war on health care, the war on Rachel Maddow and even the war on climate change.

The next Great War we’ll all be fighting is the war on water…and do we want fries with that?




As the 5 Roman Catholic stacked Supreme Court judges defy the constitution they’re supposed to be upholding this week the question we are asking is: “Are we facing the dangerous reality of a radical right-wing Christian take over of this country?

There’s a massive general dislike of the majority SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby contraception decision. A decision giving religious owned businesses the right to dictate what their female employees may or may not to with their bodies.

Around the World, for as long as men and women found solace in the ritualistic peace and promise of a religion that counters the thought of the finality of passing, organized religion had reneged on that imaginary promise big time!

Instead “so called faith” in the hands of us mere mortals has been used by so many twisted ideologies and exploited by the con artists for the purpose of just plain making money at the expense of the fearful and the ignorant.

And of course all of this is at the detriment of the really simple holy messages of purity and love that are supposed to be at the core of any deeply felt goodness in people seeking solace.

The tragedy is in the cynical interpretations of many leaders in the various religions that make up this World of disparate peoples.

Currently hideous examples of these interpretations are causing unheard of cruel sectarian violence and are overwhelming the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine.

The atrocities being committed in the name of religion by the various Sunni and Shia sects plus the myriad of the splinter groups are beyond belief as are the actions of the supposedly civilized Syrian Government.

All this horror in the name of Allah? But how can Allah takes sides?

Each day at some time all the warring factions stop fighting and face Mecca and pray for victory on their terms. All of these terms cannot be what Allah wants, so what’s a prophet to do?

Perhaps Allah is saying, “Okay until one side kills off the other side, Allah will continue to sit this one out as Allah has done for 1,500 years”.

What about back home?

Right now in these United States we are faced with many different garden varieties of Christianity. This is a young society and so it hasn’t had 1,500 years of secular hate going for it.  Oh it got pretty hateful during the Civil War when Christians fought other Christians and both prayed for victory and then burnt each other’s churches down.

It continued when the Christians committed mass genocide on the Native American tribes from one end of the country to the other where, in the name of their God, they butchered men, women and children who, to their way of thinking, were Godless heathens. This was of course what the natives thought of the Christians also.

It stayed hateful when the White Christians continued to burn down the Black Christian churches and burn white crosses on green lawns and hung black Christians and bombed and killed black Christian children…so nobody’s perfect!

Has this wonderful country learned anything from all of this religious death and destruction going on then and right now worldwide?

Did we learn anything from occupying a country deeply divided into Muslim factions that hate each other?

How could we Christians do this when we are so divided in our own religious believes?

This country was not capable of understanding the nuances and deeply felt beliefs of a complicated Muslim people.

How arrogant and ignorant were the Bush crowd when they went into Iraq thinking they were liberators. They sewed the seeds of the current Armageddon by being completely clueless to centuries old deeply rooted religious prejudices. Strangely, this was kept in check by a cruel but smart dictator. Of course we had to kill him.

Now how far will the reckoning go to curb the rise of this religious fervor here at home?

We may be facing a crisis we don’t even know about although from various corners of enlightenment comments lately have been making a possible wake up call happen.

Face it, the Christian faith is as screwed up as all the others. There are good Christians and there are fanatical lunatics who worship some sort of Jesus and God made up for their own radical purposes.

Do most Christians want to worship a gentle man who preached peace and love for all human beings and pets…a humble carpenter, a healer and who only wanted to have a few beers with the boys…or do they want a Jesus who will return to Earth carrying an assault weapon so he can smite the evil enemy of the people and finally establish a moral government working only on the laws already written in the Bible?

Sounds pretty far fetched don’t it?

But there are radical forces in the Tea Party politicians in Congress.

There are dangerous Dominionist forces in our military all the way up to the Pentagon.

These are single minded dedicated people with one purpose in mind. The complete take over of Government and the forming of a Christian nation.

Too far out far you…couldn’t happen?

So tell us, right out of the blue over there in the Middle East where the hell did this well equipped massive Islamic religious army suddenly come from that might overrun the entire US backed government in Baghdad and form an Islamic government ready to impose an abhorrent form of crazy discipline on a long suffering public.

Did Allah take sides?

Does the Roman Catholic Church majority in the Supreme Court of the United States have God on its side?

Stay tuned, we’re in for a rocky ride and we might have to save the country.