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I’m hoping to sell this idea for an animated show to CNN or Fox News, who desperately need something to boost their sagging demographics.

The plot line revolves around 2 main figures…A cartoon rendition of retired General William Boykin and a cartoon rendition of Jesus as a stand-up comic.

The main thrust of the idea is that each show will have an animated “General Boing Boing”, as he’ll be known, who will appear hilariously loaded down with medals and tottering under the weight of his right wing bigotry, making subversive, anti-government, fascist statements and featuring Jesus as a stand-up comic who gives it back to him like an avenging Don Rickles.

Here are a few examples of the General’s actual quotes some while still on active duty. Did we dodge a bullet or what?


General: “The Jews are the cause of the problems in the World,”

Jesus: “The last time I saw a face like that it had a hook in it!”


General Boing Boing: “Muslims worship an idol, not a real God.”

Jesus: “If your brain was chocolate it would be an M&M”


General Boing Boing: “George W. Bush was appointed by God”

Jesus: “ I was thinking about you all day. I was at the fertilizer factory!”


General Boing Boing: “The first thing that has to be done is to form a constabulary force that can control the population.”

Jesus: “ I’ve seen people like you before but I had to pay Admission!”


General Boing Boing: “They’re after us because we’re a Christian Nation”

Jesus: “I’d like to help you out. Which way did you come in?”


General Boing Boing:  “I believe the sword Jesus will be carrying will be an AR-15.”

Jesus: “If this is the only thought that crossed your mind, it must’ve been a lonely journey!”


Kids will love that we plan to produce action figures of “General Boing Boing”, who’s tiny head will explode after every Jesus put down line.

Plus the “GBB & J Lunch Boxes” which will have only enough room for a loaf of rye bread and a fish.

We also plan a series of comedy books called “The Jesus False Profit Joke Books” Volumes 1 through 4.

In volume 2 when “Boing Boing” says this: “We are on the verge of a complete Marxist take over.”

Jesus comes back with:” Is that your real face or are you auditioning for Godzilla?”

Or when in volume 3 “Boing Boing” rants on with: “When the Lord comes back he’ll be a warrior in blood soaked robes carrying a sword.”

Jesus says: “Sorry I don’t have my moron filter on today!”



***Jesus remains the image of a wonderful and peaceful man from the New Testament that millions of people believe is the Son of God, and who may very well be.

He also may have had a sense of humor, which always helps when things get so damn serious that they want to crucify you.




My Dad served in the British army in World War II. He was a captain in the Royal Army Service Corps. His job was basically to feed two-thousand battle hardened German and Italian prisoners. He was caught in Rommel’s siege of Tobruk and had to pick up a rifle and shoot at the armed enemy while also feeding the unarmed enemy.

Quite a paradox don’t you think?

I also served two years in the Australian army albeit in peacetime as a drafted 18 year old. They taught a budding radical writer and artist how to kill and become a part of a unit of men who would fight for each other’s well being first and what ever political system put them there second.

It was tough for the drill sergeant to force a person like me into submitting to any kind of a blind faith situation. I fought it both strategically with words and in actual physical combat as I had to defend myself in fistfights where blood was shed and respect was gained through the drawing of it.

On Memorial Day this country remembers the contributions its military has made in protecting the freedom and the civil rights of all its citizens. The sacrifices and the dedication to this task lays in the faith the rank and file of our armed services have in their superiors from the non-commissioned officers all the way up to the top brass.

In the last few years in this country a regretful and bothering phenomenon has been injected into this chain of necessary military blind faith command which is still mostly under the main stream media radar and growing in its possible extremely dangerous consequences.

To put it succinctly with no bullshit folks an extreme Dominionist Christian movement is attempting to take over the American armed forces…

BIGTIME! “Yes” you might say “There goes Chris again, on another rant!”

“Yes” this is a rant. But it is not a conspiracy theory or a ploy to get to some funny one-liners…This is serious sh*t!

Especially in the Air Force, but in all the services, these crazy assed fanatical Jesus freaks and holy “end of times” rollers are not just the new cadets and recruits.

They are the freakin’ gunnery sergeants and the lieutenants and captains and all the way up the ranks officers who are telling them what to do. And what their officers are telling them is this folks:


If this sounds like science fiction its because it should be, but it’s not.

Check out this months Esquire magazine   and then go to the MRFF website and get a load of what’s happening that somebody way up high in government seems to not be taking too seriously, I think at the country’s peril.

I love you dad, thanks for saving my life and my sister’s life and my mum’s  life and thankfully coming home to tell the tale.

I’m a father of eight and grandfather of 7 and I approve of this message