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Its all coming down in Ukraine .

Putin is flexing his muscles with his shirt on. Mister Macho is suffering from the dreaded George W. Bush “ Invading a Sovereign Country Syndrome” This works for a short time…then it f*cks up a country for decades.

The immediate fall out in this wonderfully together bipartisan country is for the traitorous GOP extremists to tell the World of the few people who listen to them that the President of their country is “ weak and wrong” in his respond. In saying this however they have no answers on how to respond to the newest egomaniacal dictator on the planet.

No solutions other than to “act tougher”…okay to “act tougher” what does America do?

John McCain might suggest strapping himself to a nuclear weapon and aiming himself at Moscow.

Ted Nugent might want to go over there and call Vladimir a “subhuman descendent of Slavic monkeys”. But he won’t go over there because he’s all talk and guns, but only has a tiny trouser snake.

John Boehner will ask the Congress and they will say “We need to repeal Obamacare and invade New York”.

To put it bluntly “Vlad the Bad” holds a full deck of cards and the rest of us will just have to grin and bare it and bluff our way to a diplomatic victory.

When facing down raw ego in control of a vast military itching for a fight to regain its past pride after a complete defeat  years ago we face a picture image of Berlin in the 1930’s.

The similarities are quite startling. A newly minted oppression against an innocent  minority, an Olympic Games, the act of claiming lands where there is a large ethnic minority that needs “protecting”, massive armed build ups on various borders, annexing of part of a free country under a thinly veiled excuse…Houston we have a problem ..and we’re gonna need more than Tom Hanks to solve it.