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So the headlines read “NFL 35 – Homophobia 0.” Greed and big business wins over bigoted extremist Christian right bullsh*it. This is two extremist factions fighting to get out of each other’s pants,’

We’re of course talking about Arizona’s out of control REPUBLICAN racist legislative majority going down to defeat by a veto by its own out of control Governor the wicked witch of the South West Gov. Jan Brewer.

When she came up against the NFL, John McCain, The Chamber of Commerce and Meygn Kelly it was time to bail on her own bigots,…After all she thought “gays and no Mexicans.”

There are similar disgusting homophobic legislations pending in many other States.


This is indeed a divided nation. Obama’s election and reelection is “the good”…The jealousy and the obstructionism, by the GOP minority is “the bad”..and the fact that  Obama is black and commandeer in chief has brought out the open racism  that was always broiling under the surface of this country …is “the ugly”.

Should we be amazed? No way…

I’m about as amazed as when I found out about Dick Cheney’s choice of Halliburton to supply the food for the US troops in Iraq..

I’m about amazed as when I realized that New Jersey’s governor was a bully and a crook. I ‘m about amazed as when Anderson Cooper told us he was gay.

We are living in two different countries and probably have been for a long time. We come together to celebrate the Olympics and the World Cup but apart from that there is such a wide gap between the so-called Christian white America and the rest of us its incredible…and now we can see it on the map very clearly.

America is fighting three wars at the same time internally right now .

#1 The old values of the North vs the South. This is being sustained by corporate America which would love to go back to the days of slave labor under a different banner…no regulations and no unions, A 1% aristocracy running the whole thing with no opposition.

#2 The Right Wing Christian doctrine of “exceptionalism” through a one dimension wrong-headed biblical philosophy that demands adherence to  completely out of date laws written by angry old Jews who could not get laid and didn’t have air conditioning or bagels.

#3 The war against minorities by the ignorant racist whites.

The good guys will eventually win all these wars as the babies being born are turning a lighter shade of brown.

We are however in for a bumpy ride folks as the insanity of Christianity ‘s lunatic fringe fights its way to its own demise and big business spends billions attempting to impose its will on free people and the way they want to live there lives.


They’ve just announced that the racist half governor Sarah Palin will be hosting a new television series on the Sportsman’s Channel which is seen by hundred of sportsmen who shoot defenseless animals and birds. Notice we said “hundreds” This is the perfect channel for a next Palin failure. She will be able to shoot herself in the foot and in the Demographics.

Highlights of her series will probably be shooting Liberals and Gays from light planes. She is still vastly popular with the people who think reading is sissy and gays should not get married because God is straight and Jesus likes girls.

Why anybody in their right mind would want to spend money trying to make a four time loser into a winner is beyond human understanding. The publicity generating around this series says it will be a ”celebration of America”.

As far as Palin is concerned it will be a celebration of just one more con job so she can make a buck. There’s a sucker born every day they say… Palin seems to find a never ending stream of stunned money people willing to throw cash down the sewer of right wing extremism.

Her new cable series will get the bigoted Red Neck demographic along with the high heel licking perverts and the Ted Nugent mouth drooling home owning rocket launcher crowd.

She shouldn’t count on anyone with can write words of more than two syllables and knows what a vegetable looks like. Luckily nobody will see this show due to  it being on “cable obscuro”

Sarah Palin is a complete waste of time so why am I writing this?

Watching the Olympics is great visually and spiritually.
Watching the Kiev riots and the carnage in Syria is appalling and dispiriting… And Vladimir Putin is deeply involved in both major events.
Putin is spending billions of rubles on making the Olympics a smashing success.
Putin is spending billions on attempting to make Russian Euro-Imperialism and Middle Eastern influence a smashing success.
The twin World implications of these two staged and choreographed actions may seem far apart but in some people’s minds are strangely familiar.
One party dominated societies tend to mirror one another in many ways.
In Germany in 1936 a one party system was in power and could do virtually what ever in wanted to maintain power and make itself popular with its people. This one party found a minority that it decided to make a scapegoat for all its problems and the ignorant people went along with it.
This one party ran the Olympic games that year and had to face hated minority athletes winning popular events. Its dictator attended the games and was adulated by the people. As the games were in progress this same leader was plotting the annexing of free countries by force of arm.
Sound familiar?






He’s been here all along right under our very eyes and he’s fooled us with his jolly look and how he professes peace and love for his fellow-man and woman and a few children in private schools.


Oh how we’ve been fooled by the “AntiChristie!”


We should’ve known his evilness was here… face it folks he’s been hiding out in full view!


And there’s no better place for the “AC” to scheme so he can become all-powerful …invincible… and so strong he can take advantage of the masses… than Newark!


He didn’t want to be revealed this early in his evil ideas to rule the Universe however..this was not in that plan.


“The AC” had it all worked out for 2016…but his secret blueprint HAS BEEN THWARTED!


“The AntiChristie’s” premature reveal came when some local NJ reporters (sent from the “Gods of Real Journalism”) and “Rachel (The Gay Angel of Truthfulness) Maddow!”outed his plan to dominate America and the World by imposing the “3 B’s on his cowering subservient subjects”


“Bullying, Bribery and Bullshit…..”


Then came a miraculous “Bridge over troubled waters” moment.


Suddenly he was naked and exposed on TELEVISION TO THE MULTITUDES…..lying…cheating …scheming…cruelly throwing his friends to the wolves…all the sh*t he loves to do but too early…much too early


A warning…”Never underestimate evil it’s so slippery! Knock it down in one place and it’ll spring up in another…


“The AntiChristie”however is now a very large target on which to set the battle banners targets of  “The Good”vs Evil struggle.


“The AC” has thousands of evil allies like the nasty little Orange colored bastard John Boehner and Eric “The Shifty” Cantor, and a whole bunch of BAD ASS BANSHEES on the Supreme Court , so vigilance is essential in the ranks of “The Good.”


“The AC” was so arrogant and egotistical he miscalculated the fact that in the long run good always conquers evil. This hasn’t happened in the Palin family yet but it will.


This age-old factoid had slipped his one-dimensional mind when he got literally too big for his britches and was beginning to believe the crap they were writing about him on Fox News. After all he had given Roger Ailes a tail, a forked tongue and a way to make female interns worship his tiny penis. 


The next few months will tell us all just how this country will deal with “The AntiChristie” now he’s amongst us.


“The Good” is girding its loins for the battle with “The AC” or as he is known on earth : “THE GIRTH FATHER” which is a really evil play on words…





blog graphicAuthor and sh*t disturber Noam Chomsky has likened the current racist mood in the USA to a lengthy 24/7 version of “Fear Factor” 

Chomsky’s theory is that the current Zombie frightening entertainment frenzy is obviously just replacing the “walking dead” for the living blacks and Hispanics hordes “taking over America”.


We are living in a very scared society and we all have something to be scared about there’s no doubt about that. 


America has become a very scared society


Older white people in large areas of the country are scared that Snoop Lion or Dogg will move into their neighborhood and open a shopping mall that just sells pot. This will lead to everyone being raped and murdered even the Maltese terriers and worse than that really loud music!


Red Necks are being told to fear the government that’s “coming to take our guns away.”


Red Neck’s attitude being: “If our kids want to accidentally kill their brothers and sisters with our guns…that’s our business!!  


 Women fear the men in government who try to control their bodies and their minds…

Men fear being emasculated by strong powerful women who want to control their body’s ands their minds


 Christians fear a Muslim take over while Muslims fear interment camps.


 12,000,000 Hispanics fear being sent back to the places that don’t have floors…


And all of this fear is being exploited by the 1% with all their money and all their propaganda because they fear the Unions and Socialism, which would really fuck up their profits and even see them having to pay taxes and have to live with last year’s Maserati.

So Zombies, who you can’t kill without chopping off their heads, and who eat human brains for breakfast are perfect examples of something really horrible to fear.

Zombies encompass all the horrors of unstoppable violence that make people most fearful.

But of course Zombie’s are not real … So what should we really find fearful?

The art of manufacturing fear in the perpetuation of control of the minds of the people. That’s really scary stuff…..

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Watching the BEATLES reunion special reminds us all that all that great music was written by people smoking a Sherwood Forrest of pot. Not only John, Paul, George and Ringo…but everybody else in Rock n’ Roll.

This might also be true of other great creative talents ..surely Bill Shakespeare probably had a pipe load before he wrote Midsummer Night’s Dream…Bill’s Bottom and the players were definitely stoners and Puck? give me a break he was an acid trip.

Oscar Wilde and Gilbert and Sullivan indulged of course… even in Victorian England the straight laced were not that straight.

Want to go back a century need one say more than Mozart? If Mozart’s riffs were not created while “bong imbibing” then I’m a plate of Haggis.

Hillary Clinton denied she smoked weed this week but said she’d get a contact high from Bill…she also said she liked to watch …she didn’t say what but with Bill it could’ve been almost anything thing warm and in a dress.

Tommy Chong told the press recently that he was cancer free and he did it by drinking massive does of hash oil. You can buy it by the bottle at “Ali Kahn’s New Delicatessen  in New Delhi of course…One swig and it’s Bombay’s away!!

Phillip Morris announced that they will begin to sell across the counter packets of Mary by next year…”Yes officer I’m the designated non toker!”

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I just watered this hat for Kelly LeBrock.


Jon Stewart : “So who was the best smelling actor you ever worked with?”

Tom Hanks: “Kevin Bacon.”


Three other NFL football players have decided to come out..but they’re not all tight ends.


The Toyota company is recalled 1,000 ,000 Hybrids due to an on board commuter that doesn’t like Obamacare.


Rand Paul is seeking maximum attention right now and will wear a suit that light up with neon lettering  reading “Look at Me!”


Pat Robertson doesn’t like the CREATIONIST museum… he says its historically incorrect because “Saint Peter never had the talking Pterodactyl that said:”Polly wants Loaves and Fishes! “and “Judas Sucks.”

The rivers in North Carolina are so contaminated they’re using fish as light bulbs.


Roger Ailes has agreed to take Mygen Kelly and the Fox Blondes to Vegas for a live show called “Almost Nudes at Eleven”